Quarterdeck Notes - August 23, 2023

Meeting started 7:00 pm

Present: Brandon, Kai, Nathan, TJ, Jennifer Gleason, Jeremy Fuksa

  • Nathan was chosen as Boatswain
    • Kai was designated Boatswain's Mate (Program)
    • TJ was designated Boatswain's Mate (Admin)


We looked again at the Ship's kanban board:

We added a few ideas and started researching the costs and logistics of the following:

  • Week-long houseboat rental
  • SCUBA certification
  • Missouri boat licensing

Most activities will be expensive and require fundraising.

Brief discussion was held RE: having some sort of one-day aquatic activity before the weather turns too cool. Fishing was the only idea given. All agreed that shooting sports dates could be scheduled during the winter.


We discussed participating in a joint 394 recruiting evening, currently slated for Tuesday, Sept. 12, 6p to 7:30p at Hodge Park Playground, 58 NE Reinking Rd, Kansas City, MO 64157

Other Business

Discussion was held regarding the ship's name. It was agreed that it should stay "Loch Smyth" and adapted to the noted spelling to appear less awkward. Logo sketches were created on the whiteboard. No ideas were chosen for further exploration.

Meeting adjourned 7:48 pm.